Top 10 Mental Health Podcasts: Empowering Support for Those Battling Mental Illness

Podcasts have become a popular medium for sharing stories, spreading knowledge, and fostering communities. For those battling mental illness, they can be a source of comfort, understanding, and empowerment. Mental health podcasts can provide insights from professionals, personal experiences from those with mental illness, and strategies for managing mental health. Here are the top 10 mental health podcasts that offer empowering support for those battling mental illness.

1. The Hilarious World of Depression

Hosted by John Moe, this podcast features interviews with comedians who have dealt with depression. It’s a unique blend of humor and serious discussion, aiming to destigmatize mental health conversations.

2. Mental Illness Happy Hour

Comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts this weekly, hour-long podcast where he interviews celebrities, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor about mental health and trauma.

3. The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

With over 500 episodes, this podcast offers a wealth of advice on managing anxiety and panic attacks. Hosted by Gina Ryan, who has personally dealt with anxiety, it’s a great resource for practical tips and techniques.

4. The Struggle Bus

Hosts Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin aim to create a safe space for discussing mental health issues in this bi-weekly podcast. They offer advice, share their own experiences, and answer listener questions.

5. The One You Feed

This podcast takes its name from an old parable about two wolves inside us, one good and one bad. Host Eric Zimmer explores how to feed the good wolf through interviews with experts in psychology, self-help, and spirituality.

6. The Trauma Therapist

Hosted by Guy Macpherson, PhD, a trauma therapist, this podcast is a valuable resource for anyone dealing with trauma. It features interviews with other mental health professionals who specialize in trauma.

7. The Calm Collective

Host Cassandra Eldridge discusses death, mindfulness, and living intentionally in this calming podcast. It’s a great listen for anyone seeking peace in the midst of mental health struggles.

8. The Dark Place

Joel Kutz hosts this podcast where real people share their experiences with mental health. The Dark Place aims to create a stigma-free environment where people can share their stories openly.

9. The SelfWork Podcast

Hosted by clinical psychologist Dr. Margaret Rutherford, this podcast offers strategies for dealing with depression, anxiety, perfectionism, and more. It’s a great resource for practical, professional advice.

10. The Mental Health Foundation Podcast

This UK-based podcast covers a wide range of mental health topics, from stress and anxiety to eating disorders and suicide. It features interviews with experts, celebrities, and individuals who have experienced mental health issues.

These podcasts offer a variety of perspectives on mental health, providing both professional advice and personal stories. They can be a source of comfort, understanding, and empowerment for those battling mental illness.