Snoring: causes, symptoms and treatment

Snoring is not normal, but it is a natural habit of many organisms. But, annoying for those who have to endure that the person with whom they share the bedroom makes an annoying noise when sleeping .

But in addition to the classic annoyance, snoring can cause serious dangers to our health , such as apnea , which is a period during sleep /b> in which the air suffers an interruption to access the lungs . Although it can last in some cases for more than 10 seconds, this can cause serious damage to the brain as well as the heart, which could affect people to the point of causing death due to lack of oxygen in the organism.

Causes of Snoring

The causes for which we snore are several and diverse, it can be from the shape of our mouth and our nostrils, being sick or overweight, consuming substances such as alcohol in large amounts or also, allergies.

  • Mouth shape : if your palate is soft and soft it is possible that your airways are narrow.
  • Consuming alcohol : alcoholic drinks relax the muscles of the throat and make them weaker and brittle.
  • Problems with the nose and nostrils ong>: the fact of having the septum diverted, either by birth or by a blow, contributes to snoring and breathing less efficiently.
  • The dream : yes you sleep in an upward position, looking at the ceiling, it is more possible that you snore, because the airways are narrowed by gravity.

Symptoms of the Snoring

The following symptoms, together with a loud snoring, can give us to understand that you suffer from apnea , and in that case you should go to the doctor to determine if you really suffer.

  • Very excessive noise during sleep.
  • You suffer very excessive drowsiness also during the day.
  • You suffer strong headaches, throat or both .
  • Blood pressure is quite high .
  • A Throughout the night, you may suffer severe pains in the chest or breathe bad to the point of continuing to drown.
  • When you wake up, you are tired and panting.

Treatment of Snoring span>

To treat snoring, we can choose several methods. We can go to the pharmacy for any medicine or a nasal strip, use a natural remedy and home or in the case of taking a long time or is very annoying, you can choose to operate.

Products for snoring

If you go to a pharmacy, you can find different solutions, from medicines that will help you eliminate phlegm, others that will help you breathe better, among others. ; You can also buy the nose strips, which help you breathe better by opening the nasal passages. To help nasal decongestion you can also buy a nasal dilator.

Natural remedies against snoring

  • Food : there are some foods, which applied in one way or another, can be highly recommended.In case of not having sea water near us, we can do it ourselves.

Operations for snoring

If it is necessary to treat us because the natural remedies or those of the pharmacy work, the following may occur.

  • Having to treat us against an infection.
  • Operation of > Rhinoplasty .
  • Remove the tonsils or vegetations .
  • An operation to reduce the size of our palate.