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FBI Criminal Background Checks / Departmental Order 556-73

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Federal Bureau of Investigation Notification: Channelers can only process Departmental Orders for US Citizens with Permanent Residence; Non-US Citizens with permanent residence must make the Departmental Order request directly to the FBI. Finally, please note that inquiries for Departmental Orders must be made by the individual applicant and the FBI response must be sent to the applicant or the applicant’s attorney.

The reasons why an FBI Departmental order is important are:
o    To review or to request a correction or update
o    To challenge information on their record
o    To satisfy certain legal requirements such as a requirement for adopting a child
o    To satisfy a requirement to live in a foreign country
o    To satisfy a requirement to work in a foreign country
o    To satisfy a requirement to travel in a foreign country
o    Other court related matters
Step 1: Complete the Application Form

Include your complete email address, phone number and mailing address.
This service is available for US Citizens and US Permanent Residents only.
Unfortunately, P.O. BOX or INTERNATIONAL destinations cannot be processed.
In the event you require a copy to be mailed to you, the costs below include the fee charged directly by the FBI, and all shipping and handling charges. FBI response must be returned to the applicant’s address or applicant’s attorney. If results are to be sent to an attorney, the attorney must confirm this request using his or her stationary and you will need to sign the letter along with the attorney. The response sent by Accurate Biometrics, if you choose to have your response sent via mail or expedited service, is printed on tamper-proof paper.
- Standard Portal Service - Option #1
o    Illinois Livescan or mail in Cardscan with results available securely online.
- Standard U.S. Mail Service - Option #2
o    Illinois Livescan or mail in Cardscan with results mailed out via USPS First Class mail.
- UPS 2nd day service – Domestic (U.S.) - Option #3
o    Illinois Livescan or mail in Cardscan with  results returned anywhere in the US via UPS two day service from the date the fingerprints were processed.
- Standard U.S. Mail AND Portal Service - Option #4
o    Illinois Livescan or mail in Cardscan with results available securely online AND mailed out via USPS First Class mail.
0 - Same Day Service*
o    Available in Itasca, Illinois at our processing office at 500 Park Blvd, Itasca, IL 60143 (additional pickup facilities to be added soon). Results are hand delivered to applicant with matching photo identification.

*same day results may not be available if prints are rejected by the FBI.  
Rejections -

Step 2: Review our schedule of locations and print times using the links below: 

            View Illinois Locations     View New York Locations     View Maryland Locations     View California Locations     View Colorado Locations 

Step 3: Bring the completed Authorization Form and two forms of identification to the most convenient location; if there is not a location convenient for you, you may print out and mail your application and print out a standard fingerprint form (FD258) by clicking here. 
No appointments necessary - in Illinois, walk-ins only
At least one form of identification must be a government-issued photo identification.
Payment - View our Terms of Service
* Additional fees may apply to fingerprint capture sites outside of Illinois. Please contact fingerprint site from the location page for fee information.

Step 4: You will be given a computer-generated receipt upon completion of the fingerprinting process. You will also be given instructions on how to obtain the results from the FBI search online from our company website. Your results will be available for viewing/printing within 24 hours of having completed the fingerprint capture process.

Accurate Biometrics, a certified FBI Channeler, is approved to electronically process FBI fingerprint background check requests in accordance with Department of Justice Order 556-73 (

Thank you for your business.

For additional assistance, please call our customer service department at (773) 685-5699 or (866) 361-9944