Master of Advanced Therapies UFV. What is the humanistic vision of your scientific specialty?

Advanced Therapies continue their growing development towards new therapeutic techniques for the evolution of medicine thanks to the constant research in the diversity of fields of the sanitary field and more and more experts in technologies based on the cultivation and manipulation of cells for therapeutic purposes, which are required to respond to the new biomedical challenges of society.

The Master in Advanced Therapies and Biotechnological Innovation , puts the focus on translational research, which is revolutionizing clinical practice, making personalized treatments and person-centered medicine a reality ("From bench to bedside ").

You are still in time to specialize in gene therapy, cell therapy, tissue engineering and nanomedicine reserving your place for the next course of the Master in Advanced Therapies You will start the October 18, 2018 .

Why do you prepare

The Master of Advanced Therapies UFV has a humanistic vision that prepares you for:

  • You will be trained in the cultivation and manipulation of cells for therapeutic purposes.
    You will design protocols and clinical trials oriented to personalized treatments and patient-centered medicine.
  • You will know and apply cell culture techniques, cell therapy and basic and translational tissue engineering.
  • Integrate and apply the knowledge acquired to solve unsolved medical problems, through the design and development of advanced therapy medications.
  • You will master the most advanced technologies and the most innovative procedures in the field of human health.
  • You will have access to advanced training in research techniques to develop, present Ar and defend your thesis through a Doctorate program.

Outstanding professional outputs


In research centers national and international, hospital laboratories and universities. Research in:

  • Gene therapy : new viral vectors, immunotherapy, antibody production ...
  • Cell therapy : tissue regeneration, stem cells as a drug, stem cells as vehicles, "vehiculization" and controlled release of drugs, development and production of diagnostic kits.The training of this program combines academic sessions with business and cultural visits , in order to create a unique space in the field of postgraduate higher education, which facilitates mobility and allows to promote a network of professional and personal relationships through a methodology centered on the person , and provoking reflection and openness to other realities.