Differences between migraine and headache

Unfortunately, the current pace of life, makes the head is one of the most punished areas of the body. Obviously, when it hurts, we want it to happen as soon as possible. For this, we must know exactly what we have and that is what we are going to show you. The differences between migraine and headache .

What is migraine?

We begin by explaining what is migraine . And we do it in a simple way: not all migraines cause headaches. Nor is every headache caused by a migraine. At the health level, what is a migraine, has an easy answer: it is the dilatation of the skull arteries . How does it arise? At the moment, nobody knows, although the genetic has much to do.

The truth is that migraine results in a constant and intense headache that usually occurs in only one side of the head . In the case of migraine, the pain appears without warning and may arise in combination with other problems stomach or visual .